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Overview distribution Eurostar

The unique know-how in the development of halogen-free, flame-retarding plastics makes the French company an important supplier for Plastoplan. Eurostar Engineering Plastics was founded in 1972 as Eurostar, and since then it has developed and produced thermoplastics with different filling and reinforcement materials, whose technical characteristics compete with metal and wood. Mostly, base polymers such as polyamide 6, polyamide 66 and polypropylene are processed. Eurostar is proud of its ‘Green Products’ range, in which the use of renewable reinforcement and filling materials leads to a reduction in the carbon footprint. As well as the basic range, the company also acts as a compounder for applications in which improved dynamic friction characteristics, thermal conductivity or impact resistance are required. Refined high-performance materials and special types with high density round off the broad product portfolio of Eurostar Engineering Plastics.